Russian border guards have banned the Ukrainian lawyer and human rights activist Evgeniya Zakrevskaya from entering Crimea saying this is the entry ban to the "territory of the Russian Federation."

- During the passport control, the border guards looked at each other, took away my passport, went somewhere and asked to wait. As it turned out they went to print out for me an official entry ban to the Russian Federation until 09.01.2020, one of them read it out to me while being captured, Zakrevskaya told "Gromadsky TV."

The lawyer went on to say that the Russian border guards told her that, according to the Federal Security Service, she poses a threat to the defense and national security of the Russian Federation.

However, the guards failed to explain what actions pose a threat. - We think you know better "for what actions." We see in the data base exactly what the report says, told the border guard.

Evgeniya Zakrevskaya represents the interests of the imprisoned Crimean human rights defender Emir Usein Kuku in Ukraine and the European Court of Human Rights. She reported on the human rights activist being persecuted by the FSB prior to his arrest – in 2015 he was attacked, beaten, kidnapped and arrested.

Photo: Internet