(QHA) -

Crimean Tatar newspaper “Voice of Crimea” has been registered by Russian media watchdog Roskomnadzor as a Russian media, chief editor of Eldar Seitbekirov said to QHA correspondent.

“We have re-registered and a new issue of the Voice of Crimea will be released this Friday. There will be 6,000 copies of the issue, which means that our work goes on”- he said.

“Voice of Crimea” is the only Crimean Tatar media already been re-registered within the Russian laws. The name of the newspaper was changed to “Voice of Crimea New”.

Meanwhile, the rest of Crimean Tatar independent media outlets in Crimea, such as the only Crimean Tatar channel in the world ATR, children channel Lale, Meydan FM station, as well as number of national newspapers have not been registered by the Roskomnadzor yet, amid the deadline for the registration is April 1. If the media outlets are not registered until this time, they will lose their right to operate in the region.

Roskomnadzor has already refused to renew the license of Crimean News Agency.