(QHA) - 1700 year-old ancient mosaic accidentally was discovered in Turkish central Anatolian province of Amasya. Local experts claim the mosaic which is lying on around 80 square-meter area belongs to ancient Roman Period and most probably is the remains of municipality or assembly building's floor, reports World Bulletin. Amasya Governor Halil Comaktekin said that they are not planning to replace the mosaic but they will take all necessary precautions to protect the mosaic and to gain it for the Tourism of the city. Speaking to Cihan reporter Director of Amasya History Museum Celal Ozdemir stated that it is the second mosaic that was unveiled in Amasya and stressed the benefits they will gain for the tourism and the history of the city. Note: Amasya that stands in the mountains above the Black Sea coast, is one of the provinces in north-central Anatolia Turkey which is distinct for its natural setup and historical values. It has a past of 7,500 years during which many civilizations left remains. It was hosted to the Hittites, Phrygians, Cimmerians, Lydia, Persia, Rome, Byzantine, Danishmend, Seljuq Empire, Ilkhanate and Ottoman civilizations between the Antic Age to present days.