Following the occupation of the Crimea, its actual authority began to illegally use the property, which was previously owned by the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior Affairs. The property includes land plots, office buildings and equipment, material values, and arms with a total value of more than a billion hryvnia, according to the Crimean Prosecutor's Office press-service.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine informs that the Prosecutor's Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea initiated a pre-trial investigation on the matter.

The occupation authorities use the property, which previously belonged to the Ukrainian Interior Ministry and its departments.  Namely they exploit the traffic police and the military units of internal troops to harass pro-Ukrainian Crimeans.

“A significant portion of office buildings, land, other movable and immovable property which belongs to the State, was taken over by the so-called law enforcement agencies illegally established in the territory of Crimea. And the assets are used for wrongful prosecution of the Crimean Tatars and patriotic citizens of Ukraine,” reads the statement.

The offense is classified as grand embezzlement, which implies criminal responsibility of 12 years imprisonment and confiscation of all property.
Investigation materials are forwarded to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

Photo: Internet