Ukrainian Intelligence recorded another transfer of arms and military equipment from Russia by militants in the Donbass, reads the report by the Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine posted on Facebook.

 - It was established that the trains with weapons and military equipment, fuel, lubricants and ammunition arrived from the territory of the Russian Federation to the railway station "Donetsk-2" (north-eastern part of Donetsk). The batch contained 30 platforms with tanks and self-propelled artillery guns, wagons with troops as well as tanks with fuels and lubricants. 10 tanks with diesel fuel (500 tons) arrived to Khartsizk, and Ilovaysk got six tanks with diesel fuel (300 tons) and platforms with military hardware (two self-propelled guns, three 122 mm Grad multiple rocket launcher systems and two armoured personnel carriers) - the department reports.

Note that according to previous reports Russia refused to provide the militants with weapons and equipment on the uncontrolled territories of Donbass by trains. As stated the summary of the ‘Information Resistance’ group, instead the Russian authorities offered the terrorists to take weapons from the Russian Federation themselves.

Photo: Internet