Today, the Crimean Human Rights Group has presented an analytical review ‘Status of the National Reserve Tauric Chersonese according to UNESCO Norms and Standards’, a QHA journalist reports.

Experts and inspectors of the OSCE and UNESCO are currently not allowed to inspect the reserve.

“With regard to the reserve, the scientific research is sliding gradually into religiosity, breaking the links between the Tauric Chersonese and our foreign partners. The staff reduction has begun. Around 10% of the National Reserve’s employees have already been reduced,” said Valentina Potapova, deputy head of Almenda Centre for Civic Education, who participated in the drafting of the review.

The analytical review also presents the change of priorities in the development of the reserve: The focus is made on implementation of the project ‘Sevastopol - Chersonese - Font Basin of Christian Rus’ in line with the statement of the Russian President about the importance of Chersonese as a place sacred to ‘the Russian state’, ‘the cradle of the Baptism of Russia’ and ‘Russian Orthodoxy.’