Simferopol (QHA) -

CO “Foundation for Development of Crimea” along with the Research Сenter "SPHERA" are to hold the independent expert research on the formation of the new composition of the bodies of the national self-governance of Crimean Tatars – Mejlis and Qurultay, reports official web-site of Mejlis.

The research is to take place on the eve of the first session of Qurultay of Crimean Tatars.

In the framework of the research experts will be questioned, and the answers will help to understand the fullest extent of the current situation.

According to the experts-sociologists and analysts of RC "SPHERA", the detailed expert research is the widespread world practice and sets the positive example of the openness of the public institutes.

“The goal is to increase the level of knowledge and skills of the work related to the restoration of the rights of the formerly deported persons, their integration to the Ukrainian society and their involvement in the solution of the topical issues of the international assistance,”- the official of the press service stressed.

In his turn, the CEO of the Foundation for Development of Crimea Alexei Skorik has commented on conducting the independent expert research.

“Our purpose is to assist in building of the open and conflict-free society. One of the main conditions for this understands of the real internal processes that occur in it”- he said.

According to the official, the results of the research will let the Crimean Tatar people obtain the unbiased and clear picture of how the formerly deported Crimean Tatar people build their own system of self-governance, and probably, ease the excessive tension of suppositions and fears provoked by this process.