(QHA) -

Religious figures of Turkey who has worked in Crimea are leaving the region as Russian legislation does not allow foreign ‘missioner’ activity.

Turkey’s religious figures had been teaching religion in Crimean mosques for years, on the basis of program of Religious Department of Turkey in Crimea.

According to coordinator of Religion Department of Turkey in Crimea Mevlud Seyhan, all the religious teachers working in Crimea failed to prolong the term of their residence permit in the region.

Crimean deputy mufti Esadullah Bairov noted that Turkey’s teachers will not have opportunity to work in Crimea, as Russian laws do not allow foreign citizens ‘missioner’ activity.

Bairov also stressed that the issue of activity of religious teachers in Crimea should be settled on the level of ministries of Russia and Ukraine.

Crimea joined Russian in March, following regional referendum.