A passion for creating Russian leader's edible monuments has overtaken Russia along with a "patriotic wave" called "Crimea is our." Earlier, Russians still could confine themselves to eating chocolate bars with Russian President on the cover depicted in various guises: crying, laughing, hugging a dog or a deer. This chocolate had the following names: “Bitter", "Good" and "Gentle."

Seeking the sales boost, the manufacturers said the purchase of such "patriotic" chocolate can increase the Russian GDP. By the way, it’s more likable that the refusal to continue military operations in other countries, as well as the occupation of foreign territories, would increase the GDP rather than chocolates with "great and mighty" President hugging the animals being on the cover.

But Russian patriots decided not to rest on their laurels thus St. Petersburg spent a considerable amount of chocolate to create a full-length Putin's sculpture. It is not clear whether ordinary Russians will be able to bite or lick their chocolate leader's double, but if they are not given such an opportunity, Putin may simply melt away. Note that the sculpture of Putin looks, to put it mildly, not very good. Some suppose it is made not of chocolate, but of some other material ...

Ukrainians also have their own vision of the Russian President’s image. Earlier, the city of Lviv produced chocolate figurines with Putin, either in a padded prison garb with a bomb in his hand or with a straitjacket and Napoleonic hat on. Manufacturers didn’t declare their product would raise Ukraine's GDP, they just gave each Ukrainian patriot an opportunity to make their dream come true - to bite off the Russian President’s head.