"DPR" to eliminate Ukrainian journalists

The terrorists of the so-called "DPR" declared their intention to eliminate the Ukrainian media representatives if they believe the latter are saboteurs.

12 September 2016 16:39

The Intelligence of an illegal armed formation "DPR” believes the Ukraine’s Armed Forces are going to transfer the saboteurs disguised as media spokespersons to the militants’ controlled territory, reported RIA Novosti citing the "Commander of the DPR Operational Command" Eduard Basurin.

It is being confirmed that a 30 separate motorized brigade plans to transfer to the DPR several sabotage groups disguised as journalists. The aim of the redeployment is to carry out terrorist acts and destabilize the internal political situation. The Operational command and intelligence agencies of the DPR have taken additional steps to identify and eliminate Ukrainian saboteurs, said the terrorist.

PHOTO: Andrey Stenin (Sputnik)