Today, Her Majesty will walk through Windsor Park with her husband Prince Philip (4 years older) and light a beacon. The beacons will be lit throughout the UK and abroad. In such a way people will congratulate their Queen. It is planned to light more than a thousand beacons in honor of Elizabeth II, according to 5 TV Channel.

However, the Queen plans to celebrate her birthday in a close family circle. The main celebrations of the same royal jubilee will be held in June: according to an old British tradition, Monarchs are greeted in the first month of the summer, so that as many people as possible attend the celebrations.

Queen Elizabeth II went down in history as the UK's longest reigning monarch - her coronation took place in June 1953. Moreover, she can claim the title of one of the most successful statesperson of the world - recent polls have shown that about 80% of UK citizens support the Queen.

Elizabeth II is also indifferent to the situation in Ukraine. In spring 2016, during the qualifying round of the Eurovision Song Contest, she heard a song «WorldSupportUkraine» by Diana Mess, British singer of Ukrainian descent.

The Queen was so impressed by the song that she sent a letter to the singer promising to support Ukraine in its fight. Diana Mess (a native of Zaporozhye) wrote about this fact on her Facebook page.

The team of QHA news agency thanks Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for her support and wishes her good health.

Photo: Internet