(QHA) -

Mediologia Company has prepared a list of the most cited media resources of Crimea. QHA News Agency was rated 14th in the list.

Crimea’s news agency CrimeaInfrom, Crimean State Radio Television Company Krym and news agency E-Krym are at the top of the list.

The rating was based on the citing index, which includes 20 700 sources, among them radio, newspapers, magazines, news agencies and Internet media.

Note: Citing index is an index that calculates how many times the source was cited by other media, as well as the influence of the citing media.

The citing index is calculated on the analysis of the texts of 20 700 sources.

The citing means mentioning of the source, in world combinations such as “as …reported”, “as mentioned in…”, “… informs”, as well as using of hyperlink of the source.