MAMAK/STROHONIVKA (QHA) - Two pupils escaped from so-called “the Cossack Military School”. They stated about humiliation, in particular, they were compelled to work and to give their earned money to “hetman”, Sehodnia writes.
Villagers from Mamak/Strohonivka found 9-year-old and 10-year-old boys who spent night outdoor.
They told they escaped from so-called “Cossack Military School” to avoid the humiliation. They were compelled to bring stones in construction. They had to give all their earned money to some “hetman”. As children told, “Cossacks” crushed cigarette butts on their heads and beat them.
The press-service of the Crimean militia tells these boys are placed in the Republican orphan home. This fact is registered in the register of prejudicial inquiry and the militia investigates this incident at the present time. Law enforcers informed tutors-at-law of these children and wait their arrival from the Dnipropetrivsk oblast.
The Education Ministry of Crimea informs the “Cossack Military School” would be inspected by their special commission as soon as possible.