On a regular basis, large pieces of land on the territory of cape Sarych of Sevastopol go to private ownership or lease, said Margarita Litvinenko, head of board of environmental organizations of Sevastopol at a press conference.

“Cape Sarych is not only a favorite place of rest. It is an object of the natural reserve fund. At present it ceased to be available to public.This protected area is systematically being destroyed”, said Litvinenko.

It was informed during the press conference that constant construction works on the territory of cape Sarych pollute the environment and cause the reduction of number and types of birds and plants in the area.

“We assume that cape Sarych is now being operated by family members of President Yanukovych or close to them circles,” said Litvinenko.

Despite this, Litvinenko said they would fight against wrongdoings committed by officials and will aim to protect cape Sarych as a valuable natural reserve area of Crimea.

Note: Cape Sarych is situated near the southernmost point of Crimea and Ukraine. Its territory is in jurisdiction of Sevastopol city council. In 1898 navigation beacon was built on cape Sarych. At present, the southern part of the cape is being built with private houses, thus access to water for public is limited.