(QHA) -

Russian Federal Bailiffs’ Service has arrested the property of Chernomorskaya Teleradiokompaniya (Black Sea TV) -- an independent, popular broadcaster that aired programming throughout Crimea -- on August 1 in Simferopol.

Chernomorskaya Teleradiokompaniya that covered political situation and tension in Crimean region in March was the first Crimean channel to be forced off the air. Russian channel ‘Russia 24’ started broadcasting on the frequency of the ‘Chernomorskaya’.

Chernomorskaya TV Company belongs to two Ukrainian MPs -- A. Senchenko and L. Denisova -- of 'Batkivshina' party, which is an opposition to Crimean authorities.

Note: Federal Bailiffs’ Service is a federal executive authority and performs functions to ensure the established order of the activity of courts, enforcement of judicial decisions, decisions of other bodies and officials, as well as law enforcement duties and the control and supervision in the established field of activity.