Simferopol / Aqmescit (QHA) -

In September Crimean authorities are planning to launch in a test mode the pro-governmental Crimean Tatar TV named Millet and its full-time broadcasting is planned for November, RIA Novosti reports citing Zaur Smirnov, Head of the State Committee for international relations and deported citizens of Crimea.

The Crimea-Tatar Public TV and Radio Company, including Millet channel and Vatan sedasy radio was established by the decision of the occupation authorities as of June 9, 2015.

- TV and radio are to be launched in September. This channel will start broadcasting in test module, that is about three- four hours per day. Full-time broadcasting is planned to be launched by November, said Smirnov. The Republic of Crimea provided over a thousand square meters of space for accommodation of TV company. Since the first equipment have already been delivered, there is necessary broadcasting power for test module launching, Zaur Smirnov said.

According to him, a new batch of equipment is to be delivered in the near future. Russia has already earmarked RUB 177 million from its federal budget in support of the channel.

- I have no qualms that we’ll meet the target date, and Crimeans, pressing on the remote, will see the world's first Crimean Tatar public TV channel, he concluded.

It should be reminded: as of April 1, ATR and Lala Crimean Tatar channels, Meydan radio, Avdet newspaper, the QHA news agency had to cease broadcasting in Crimea as Roskomnadzor (Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media in Russia) refused to re-register these media for various reasons. ATR TV channel was sent back its re-registration documents several times back channel for.