(QHA) -

The process of issuing Russian passports in Crimea is almost completed, according to Migration Service of Russia.

Over 1.56 million Russian passports had been issued to the Crimean residents, Head of the Federal Migration Service in Crimea Pyotr Yarosh.

"The Federal Migration Service has finished the main task entrusted to the office, and issued the Russian Federation passports to Crimean residents ", - he said.

This process would take 5-7 years under normal circumstances, but the task has been completed by the end of the transitional period in the Crimea, the representative of Russian Migration Service reports.

"In general, the Crimean authorities have processed over 3.5 million people trough their departments," – Yarosh added.

Ukrainian citizens in Crimea automatically became citizens of Russia, after the region’s annexation be Russian Federation in March.

The US and the EU tightened the policy of non-recognition of the Crimean annexation by imposing sanctions against Russia and Crimea.