Representatives of all religions are called to join a prayer for peace in Ukraine.

- The peace cannot be secured by weapons, but only by unity and charity. When we tackle the problem, we are one step higher, said Peter Malchukov, a current Roman Catholic Archbishop to the pastors of the Diocese of Kyiv-Zhytomyr, at a press conference Oct. 5 in Kiev.

The event attendees called on representatives of all faiths to join a prayer for peace, compassion and unity that is to be held at 3p.m., Oct. 10 at St. Michael's Square in Kiev.

The prayer will be attended by representatives of the Roman and Greek Catholic denominations belonging to Kiev and Moscow Patriarchate. Representatives of all religions, including Jews and Muslims, have been presented the invitations. Military chaplains and other individuals from the ATO area will also participate in the prayer.

The prayer will last for 15-20 minutes. After reading of the Holy Scripture, the representatives of each religion will deliver speeches. The money raised in prayer will be donated to hospitals for the military, people wounded in ATO, injured civilians and all those who need help.

All this powerful burst of energy and faith will strengthen the presence of the unique relics - relics of the blessed sister Martha Vetskaya - women who voluntarily gave her life to save others.

- After visiting the relics of Martha Vetskaya people talk about healing. The miracles happen during the pilgrimage. Signs of God's presence crop up in Ukraine, added the Archbishop.