Power blockade showed base traits of Crimean residents

Due to the lack of regular power supply to the occupied peninsula its residents have started wrangling with each other. Occasionally, the situation is extremely tense.

1 February 2016 12:12

A native of the city of Yalta Anna Gorayskaya wrote on Facebook that Crimeans actively fink on those people who have light in their apartments.

- A new "people's fun" mushrooms in Yalta: people write complaints and collect signatures against residents who have light as they want to cut off power to the apartments of those lucky enough to have the same power line with social objects. Today, I personally saw an initiative group collecting petition signatures in the name of supreme justice. Women were screaming different things, but their main slogan was clear as a red thread: We won’t allow! wrote a resident of Yalta.

According to her, now Crimea lives by a principle, "If we live badly, all around must feel the same way."

PHOTO: Internet