Pyotr Poroshenko congratulated the Antonov facility’s personnel on the 70th anniversary of the company’s foundation, says a message on Poroshenko’s Twitter page.

“I could not have come to the Antonov facility, the pride and joy of the country, to congratulate its personnel on the 70th anniversary of the company’s foundation! I have declared the year 2016 as the Year of Ukraine’s Air Force,” Poroshenko said.

Poroshenko went on to say that the Mriya’s (the world’s largest cargo aircraft) flight to Australia is the best way of showing that Ukraine is one of the leading aircraft producers. He also thanked the company's employees, who are now defending Ukraine’s independence.

“Only few presidents fly in domestically produced aircrafts. There is no better way to demonstrate the superiority of our aviation industry. Our common goal is to turn Ukraine into a leading aircraft manufacturer,” said Poroshenko.