Nikolai Polozov, Lawyer of a Ukrainian political prisoner Nadia Savchenko, supposes his client may be sentenced to 20-25 years in prison.

- On March, 21- 22 Savchenko will be imposed a sentence. Most likely, this will happen and the hearing won’t be adjourned. They will describe everything in details as it will last for two days. The Prosecutor is seeking a 23 year-sentence while a maximum term is 25 years. I think she will be sentenced to 20-25 years, said Polozov in an interview with the ATR TV Channel.

The lawyer went on saying that the arrest of Savchenko aimed to show how she will break and make her plead guilty. This would be a perfect picture for the Russian propaganda television.

- Putin underestimated Savchenko. We listened to wiretaps that were made a few hours and days after her arrest. The idea is simple – to break Savchenko. They thought she would plead guilty and they will show it on the TV. But they did not expect her to show such strong resilience and courage, said Russian lawyer.

Photo: Internet