Political Prisoners Foundation is a national issue

Ayshe Umerova: Creating a Foundation for the Protection of Political Prisoners is a question of national importance.

29 September 2016 19:13

The international community will be attracted in order to provide financial support for the Political Prisoners, which will provide free legal assistance to those accused for political reasons, said Ayshe Umerova, the daughter of the Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People.

Now jointly with lawyers we work on the creation of the Fund for the Protection of Political Prisoners. We plan to bring this matter to a logical end since the issue of the Crimean political prisoners is not just a problem of their families, it is a national issue. The state and the Ukrainian organizations should join it, Ayshe Umerova told the QHA.

She went on to say the international organizations are planned to be attracted to the Fund as well since currently only the families of the political prisoners provide financial help.

The Russian lawyer, Mark Feigin, who handles the cases of Crimean Tatar and Ukrainian political prisoners, announced the creation of the Political Prisoners Foundation that will provide free legal assistance to those accused for political reasons.

The Fund’s aims and objectives are to provide financial and organizational assistance for political prisoners and, first and foremost, to provide them free legal aid, as well as to promote public support for such cases.