Police and the officials of the Simferopol City Administration, controlled by Russia, raided at the entrance to the town at the side of Feodosia and confiscated watermelons from entrepreneurs, the so-called Deputy Head of the Simferopol Administration Teyfuk Gafarov reported to RIA Novosti.

- Flash retailing control activities were carried out at the entrance to Simferopol at the side of Feodosia, involving security companies and the police. Persons engaged in watermelons retail were targeted. They tried to throw the goods, which were later disposed, into the special cars of a municipal unitary enterprise "Ekograd". Administrative report was drawn up to those retailers who hadn’t run away, - the official said.

Teyfuk Gafarov specified that the confiscated items were eliminated.

According to him, such raids would give better results if the fines for unauthorized trade are increased.

It should be reminded that in June, the inspectors of the Crimean Office of Rosselkhoznadzor spotted, confiscated and eliminated more than 15 tons of fruit imported into Crimea from Poland and Spain.

Photo: Internet