Polish lawyers have drawn up about 600 cases of Ukrainian land transfer to Polish citizens, reports Novostionline citing the head of the Restitution Crecy Polish organization. According to the latter, the first two cases will be submitted to the courts of the cities of Kyiv and Lutsk in the near future.

Renkas also said that in addition to ready-made cases they have about 1200 appeals from Poles demanding to recover the lands given to Ukraine at the end of the WWII.

Now the spokesmen for the organization are holding meetings with the Poland residents, living in different cities of the country, with the aim to tell them about their rights. Restitution Crecy organization states that the signing of the EU-Ukraine association agreement by Kiev allows the Poles to claim their property. Renkas is sure that even if the Ukrainian courts reject their requests, the courts of Strasbourg and the United States, probably, will meet them.