On the 2nd anniversary of the Maidan protests Polish activists and public figures initiate renaming a street in honor of the heroes of the Maidan, Polish Radio reports.

We, the residents of Warsaw, the undersigned, believe that we should pay tribute to fortitude and selflessness of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians and foreign citizens who supported them, including the Poles, who took to the streets of Kyiv in November 2013, starting unwavering struggle for a free and pro-European Ukraine,” reads the statement.

The corresponding statement has already been submitted to the Inventory and Geodesy Bureau of Poland. Among the initiators of the street renaming are Jan Peklo, Director of the Foundation for Polish-Ukrainian cooperation PAUCI, and deputies of the Sejm of Poland Malgorzata Gosiewska and Marcin Sventsitsky.

February 20 is the Remembrance Day of the Heroes of the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine.