Poklonskaya said the media reports on the incident on April, 2 are "distorted information and a subject to speculations about the Crimean Tatar population."

The "Prosecutor" told her version of the incident, explaining that the cafe visitors were not arrested, but checked for the presence of drugs and whether being on a wanted list.

- Last night the staff offices of the Crimean Interior Ministry, the Federal Migration Service and the Federal Drug Control Service carried out preventive measures at the night clubs and places of entertainment in order to identify persons who are intoxicated or violate immigration laws. In total, about 50 people of different nationalities have been checked - not only the Crimean Tatars, but Russians, Ukrainians, Chechens, Dagestani and others as well. No one has been arrested, everyone was checked for being registered in the various investigative databases and then released. No human rights violations had place, Poklonskaya wrote on Facebook.

As QHA reported earlier, on April 2 masked gunmen detained 35 local cafe visitors in the village of Pionerskoe, Simferopol region. All the detainees were Crimean Tatars.

The International observers report on a huge number of human rights violations in Crimea, lack of freedom of speech and expression, conducting surveillance and putting pressure upon everyone who disagrees with the current occupation regime.

Photo: Internet