Today, Dec 11, a group of protesters gathered outside the Courthouse in Belogorsk district as a pretrial hearing of Oleg Zubkov, director of the Crimean zoo "Fairy Tale" and a safari park "Taigan", charged in beating his subordinate, reports 15 minutes.

The protesters not agreeing with indictment against the businessman brought placards saying "Hands off Oleg Zubkov and his parks," "Do not want to help - do not interfere with Oleg Zubkov’s work", "Stop “nightmarizing” Zubkov." Soon the protesters were detained by police.

- Law enforcement officers detained all picketers who were carrying placards and took them to the police station, reports a correspondent of "15 minutes".

Gathered Crimeans were arrested due to the ban on holding rallies and unauthorized pickets.

Photo: 15 minutes