(QHA) -

Ukraine’s TM “Roskoshnaya” (“Luxurious”) places on the wrapper of their products text, claiming that “Crimea is an integral part of Ukraine”.

“This product is made of raw materials grown in Ukraine. Crimean peninsula is an integral part of Ukraine. This region was not chosen by chance. Crimea is considered the purest ecological zone of Ukraine."- reads the text on the sugar package.

Judging by the date of manufacture, the products were packed after the region's annexation.

Products of “Roskoshnaya” are distributed all over Ukraine, in particular, the ATB chain—supermarkets that are represented in Crimea.

It should be noted, 90 % of food stuff in Crimea is delivered from mainland Ukraine. The border, that was set between Crimean peninsula and the mainland Ukraine causes troubles for delivering goods to the region.