More than 50 representatives from 30 OSCE member countries have visited today the 169th training center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Land Forces (the village of Desna, Chernihiv region). There were presented the new models of weapons used by the military forces of Ukraine, a QHA journalist reports.

The following military vehicles were shown at the landfill: BTR-4E armored personal carrier (APC), a commander version of BTR-4K APC, BREM-4PM armored recovery vehicle, PMM-4C armored casualty evacuation vehicle and M120-15 Molot ("The Hammer") 120-mm mortar.  Visitors were able to view the equipment both inside and outside.

The OSCE representatives were also shown a new uniform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, field rations, body armors and drones.

Firing exercises were demonstrated as well.

The presentation of weapons uses by the Ukrainian army was held as part of a memorandum between the OSCE member states on demonstration of new weapons every 5 years.