OSCE refuted supplying ammo for Ukraine's Armed Forces

The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission has denied allegations by terrorists of the so-called "DPR" that the OSCE SMM supplies ammunition to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

11 May 2016 10:11

The OSCE refuted allegations by a number of Russian media that the observers are involved in the supply of ammunition for the Ukraine’s Armed Forces.

- The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission operates under the principle of transparency and impartiality. The OSCE SMM does not, and never has, provided help to the sides to the conflict, be it material aid, reconnaissance or support in gaining ground, the OSCE reported on Facebook.

The OSCE SMM stressed it is mandated to monitor and report on the situation objectively, and to facilitate mutual dialogue.

According to the statement, the OSCE SMM calls on the media to refrain from unsubstantiated allegations.

Photo: Internet