OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities (HCNM) Knut Vollebaek published a needs assessment report on 16 August 2013, entitled The Integration of Formerly Deported People in Crimea, Ukraine, says the official web-site of OSHE.

The document seeks to provide an up-to-date analysis of the current situation of national minorities in Crimea and offers recommendations for easing inter-ethnic tensions and increasing the integration of Crimean society, as well as attempts to raise awareness of the issue.

“While the Government of Ukraine and the Crimean authorities have made laudable attempts to facilitate repatriation and resolve some of the issues facing the formerly deported people (FDPs), many structural problems remain. Further effort and support, including from the international community, is required to reach a sustainable solution,” Vollebaek notes in the report.

As reported, the paper focuses on areas that are particularly relevant to integration. These are the legal aspects of the return process; the situation of FDPs regarding land, housing and property; the political participation of FDPs; socio-economic aspects; the current situation regarding culture, language and religion; and the role of the education system.

To be noted, the report is based on research by independent experts commissioned by the HCNM and on the results of Vollebaek’s numerous visits to the region.