November 22, 2015. The 11th anniversary of the Orange Revolution has been marked today.

Only around 100 people have come to the main square of theinians consider that it is improper to hold a fete during the war that country. The majority of Ukrastared just after the Revolution of Dignity where the Heavenly Hundred heroes were killed.

However, various musical groups appeared on stage that was installed earlier in the day time.  People laid flowers and lit several dozen gravelights in memory of heroes who died on the Maidan for independence of Ukraine. With ‘Plyve Kacha’ requiem for the Heavenly Hundred, people observed a moment of silence in memory of the heroes.

Just a reminder: In November 2004, just after the 2nd round of decisive presidential elections, large-scale protests began in Ukraine against falsification of the results of people’s will, known worldwide as the Orange Revolution. Over 350 thousand people took part in mass rallies held in Kyiv. On December 26, 2004, Ukrainians voted in the third time, under the scrutiny of the world, and Viktor Yushchenko won the presidential elections.

Under the Decree of President Viktor Yushchenko, November 22, the date of beginning the Orange Revolution, was announced as the Freedom Day in Ukraine.