Only fifth part of Donetsk inhabitants wants the federalization of Ukraine and the annexation of Donetsk region to the Russian Federation.

According to the opinion poll, conducted in the city of Donetsk, easetrn Ukraine, by the local Institute for sociological studies and analysis, two thirds of its inhabitants want the region to stay a part of Ukraine, 24 News reported.

The Chairman of the Institute Volodymyr Kipen says that 20% of respondents would support Russia's military intervention in the Donbass. About the same part are determined to support the Ukrainian army and fight with the invaders.

However, most of Donetsk residents do not want war, follow the neutrality and wait until the situation is resolved by itself.

"This suggests that there delicate balance of forces has established in Donetsk. This means that there are some conditions for the outbreak of the civil war" - Kipen told.

As we earlier reported, pro-Russian activists have stormed government buildings in eastern cities of Ukraine demanding federalization of the region.

Donetsk pro-Russian activists earlier declared the region theRepublic of Donetsk and announced the referendum on the region's status.