In the spring this year a public initiative "Restoration of Donbas" conducted a poll all over Ukraine, except the occupied Crimea. According to the results, only 12% of Ukrainians out of two thousand surveyed have declared their readiness to provide any assistance to the IDPs.

The poll results were presented at a round table "Migrants and refugees: the double standards in the social policy towards the residents of Donbas," reported a QHA correspondent.

The survey "12 Steps to the World" was conducted among residents of different regions of Ukraine, including the uncontrolled territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, except for the Crimea. The poll shows that Ukrainians have changed their attitude towards immigrants compared to autumn 2015.

If in 2014 about 75% of respondents took the IDPs as people in distress, this year the figured has dropped to 57%. At the same time the number of people who believe that immigrants are people who do not want to fight in Donbas is growing up from 20% in 2015 to 2016.

Almost a third of Ukrainians believe that no rights of displaced persons are infringed.

The smallest hospitality has been recorded among residents of Northern and Central Ukraine - people are not ready to take in the IDPs.

The percentage of those who are willing to provide financial help has also increased slightly - in 2015 - 12.5%, in 2016 - 17%. According to the Head of the "Restoration of Donbas," such results have been triggered by the lack of clear strategy on the Donbas issue.

Photo: Internet