Over the last two years only one Ukrainian-language school has been left out of seven in Crimea, in the city of Yalta. No one class has been left out of 500, in which children were taught in Ukrainian, Leonid Kuzmin, representative of the Ukrainian Cultural Centre, told a press conference in Simferopol.

He went on saying that the city of Yalta is an exception since a school №20 has a mixed system of education: there are Russian-speaking and Ukrainian-speaking classes.

Today, there are two Ukrainian First Classes - in the cities of Alushta and Yalta.

According to the "Crimea’s Ministry of Education," as of beginning of 2015-2016 academic year the number of students taught in Ukrainian constitutes 949 people that is 0.5% out of the total number of students (about 177 thousand people).

- In my opinion, this happens since currently the national cultural policy of the Republic of Crimea is unpoised. We can balance it in three simple ways: firstly, by understanding, secondly, respect, and thirdly,by living together, said Kuzmin.