According to an expert Belousov, the main reason for the fact that even now tortures occur in Ukraine is that the public does not discuss this issue.

- If we, the ordinary citizens believe that in the XXI century people still can be tortured, if we find it a norm, we hereby give permission to torture ourselves or our children in Ukraine, reported a QHA correspondent citing a Chairman of the NGO "Center of expertise on human rights," Yuri Belousov as saying today, June, 24 at a press conference in Kiev.

The expert argues that our fellow citizens are either silent on the facts of tortures or even encourage them.

- They justify tortures, if, for example, that person is their enemy. This attitude supports the phenomenon of tortures, said Belousov.

Yuri Belousov warned Ukrainians against such an attitude to tortures since anyone without exception can fall victim to them.

According to a report by the UN Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights Ivan Simonovic, the majority of tortures in the Ukraine-controlled territory are carried out with the participation of the Ukraine’s Security Service.

Photo: Internet