At the TV project of Mary Volkonskaya "VseKakEst" the "Head" of the Kremlin-controlled Simferopol administration Gennady Baharev informed that there are 1148 roads in the the capital of the occupied Crimea now, but only 800 of them have asphalt concrete pavement.

- One-third of our roads has actually no coverage at all. If we say that we need seven years and RUB 15 billion to put in order these 800 road, then I'm even afraid to call an amount for the remaining 348, - Baharev admitted according to Crimean media.

In addition, "the Deputy Minister" of transport in Crimea Oleg Fonarev noted that today according to diagnosis results only 19.7% of the Crimean roads correspond to standards and regulations.

It should be reminded that today, July25, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has arrived to Sevastopol on a working visit, during which he will hold a meeting "On the current state and prospects of the road sector development in Crimean Federal District."

Photo: Internet