The Ukraine’s Security Service has uncovered several officials who embezzled public funds in the ATO area, reported the department press service.

The officials with the education department of the Volnovakha State Administration concluded an agreement for the overhaul of thermal units in district schools and transferred UAH 600 thousand for purchase and installation of heat meters. However, the contract has not been executed.

In Kramatorsk the officials embezzled UAH1 million public funds earmarked for reconstruction of the city housing stock.

The officials of the Novoaydarsky village council overstated the cost estimating documentation for capital repairs of the road pavement and thereby embezzled more than UAH 1 million.

In the town of Starobelsk the board of one of the colleges pocketed UAH 1 million for dismantling a scientific and industrial building during the write-off and sale of the construction materials.

Currently, the investigative measures are being carried out to bring to justice all those involved in corruption deals.

Photo from the Internet