Evgeniy Kalinin, a stuntman from Odessa, Ukraine, has repeated the famous trick of Jean Claude Van Damme, doing the split on the top of two trucks that move synchronously. Though, Odessa stuntman performed the trick standing on two sports cars.

The trick was video recorded in December 2013. 

“Video was recorded in cold weather, that possibly could cause muscles palsy, -said the camera man Vladimir Novikov. -Moreover, we used automatic gearbox cars, which also complicated the issue. Fortunately we had two very professional drivers”.

As stuntman Kalinin noted, it was not easy to repeat the acrobatic trick of Van Damme. 

“That was my friends’ idea. I’ve been going in for acrobatics for a long time, so I agreed. There were some difficulties, still we did well”, - Kalinin said.