Thanks to the Russian invaders now Zhigalin Street in the city of Simferopol resembles a dirt road. Simferopol residents posted a video online showing what the present-day authorities are doing with the city - turn it into ruins and devastation.

- Do you remember Zhigalin Street in Simferopol which was brutally stripped of paving by the invaders? Now it has been made to meet the Russian standards and looks the next way, a blogger commented on a video "Crimean Bandera follower".

After the World War II the street was paved with stone blocks by captive German soldiers. For more than 70 years the paving remained strong. However, the occupation authorities decided to "repair" the road - paving has been stripped off and plundered. Now it is difficult to walk in the street, and if it is raining even a tank cannot drive through.

Crimean residents are outraged by such occupiers' activity and note that whatever Russia touches - everything collapses.

Photo: Internet