Beytullah, the leader of the Vatan Qanatları (Wings of Homeland) initiative group
who had repeatedly applied to the Crimean authorities to give to the Simferopol
International Airport the name of the Twice Hero of the USSR, fighter pilot Amet-Han Sultan,
has sent one more letter to the Crimea's Verkhovnaya Rada and Council of Ministers.

This time,
Mr. Beytullah expressed disturbance with the fact that police has not undertaken
any actions (and if undertaken, the guilty not found) regarding the act of
vandalism, committed last year.  Swastika
was put on the portrait of Amet-Han Sultan, which is placed in the centre of
Simferopol (Aqmescit).

It should
be noted, that the issue of naming Simferopol International Airport after
Amet-han Sultan received wide publicity and resonance in society.  The Permanent Commission of the Verkhovnaya Rada of
Crimea on industry, construction, transport, communications and fuel and energy
complex, which was to consider the above-mentioned initiative, stated the impossibility
of naming Simferopol International Airport after Amet-han Sultan, due to the
fact of existence of the airport with the same name in Makhachkala city,

“Have the police sought for those who are
responsible for this act of vandalism? 
If the answer is yes, than who has closed the police’s eyes and ears and
tied their hands and feet to prevent them from finding the guilty?”- inquires
Mr. Beytullah in his letter.