(QHA) -

Nova Poshta, the operator of express mail delivery, plans to continue working in the Republic of Crimea, delivering cargo to and from the peninsula, CEO Viacheslav Klimov has said at a press conference at Interfax-Ukraine.

He noted that deliveries to the peninsula technologically complicated "as it is necessary to overcome two, in fact, customs." In addition, the legal field for doing business in Crimea has not been defined.

"But I want to report: Nova Poshta will work in Crimea while at least one client is there," the head of the company said.

Currently 43 Nova Poshta offices are open on the peninsula.

Nova Poshta is the operator of express delivery, provides services for the delivery of documents, parcels and freight.

Nova Poshta includes 1,437 outlets throughout Ukraine in 688 settlements, sends five million parcels a month.