According to Yevgeniy Nischuk, Ukraine’s Culture Minister, the Crimean Tatar people got very close to re-living the genocide of 1944. Nischuk believes that the subject of Crimean Tatars deportation sounds particularly painful now that Crimea has been occupied by Russia and the Mejlis banned by the so-called ‘Crimean authorities’.

“What the Crimean Tatar people lived through is a sore subject because it may be repeated again after so many years”, Nischuk told a QHA reporter.

Nischuk also said the Ukrainian government approved a list of events commemorating the anniversary of genocide, which was submitted by the Culture Ministry.

“The Ukrainian government has approved a list of events submitted by the Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people. We will also be providing direct assistance with organizing a commemorative ceremony at Ukraine’s National Opera House,” Nischuk said.

After accusing Crimean Tatars of collaboration with the Nazis, the Soviet government forcefully deported them from Crimea in an operation that started on May 18, 1944. Conducted in a record-short time, the deportation literally wiped out 46% of the not so numerous Crimean Tatar nation.