During his visit to Crimea, Ambassador of Nicaragua to Russia Juan Ernesto Vasquez Araya has visited the Vernadsky Federal University where he discussed the possibility of cooperation, and more specifically, student exchange programs, with the university’ senior personnel.

“The first group of Nicaraguan students may come to study at this university next year. I think, our students will feel themselves at home here because of the nice weather which is much like ours,” said Juan Ernesto Vasquez Araya at a Simferopol-held press conference.

According to Juan Ernesto Vasquez Araya, Nicaragua is mostly interested in the Agriculture Department, where students get trained in processing agricultural products. Also of much interest to Nicaraguans are the University’s Engineering and Medical Departments.

Also under discussion was the subject of specialist exchange, including the possibility of sending Russian language teachers to Nicaragua for teaching potential students of Crimean universities.

“Learning Russian is not such an easy thing. We think that if our students spend a year learning Russian, things will be much easier for them after they arrive here,” said the Ambassador.