(QHA) - A new body to tackle some of the UK's most serious crimes has been launched. Labelled the "British FBI", the National Crime Agency (NCA) will "relentlessly pursue" organised criminals, the home secretary said, reports BBC. Fight against international organized crime will be the main task of the National Crime Agency, which officially started its work today. The new intelligence agency, as the government believes, will help “increasing the effectiveness of combating ethnic crime groups that operate in the UK”. Among the primary objectives of the structure are the Italian and Russian mafias, Itar-tass informs. Earlier these tasks had been partially fulfilled by Scotland Yard and special MI5 divisions. The new agency’s staff will consist of four thousand people; among them would be experts in financial crime and cybercrime. Another important task will be to identify illegal migrants supply chains. As expected, the agency also will cooperate closely with law enforcement agencies in more than a hundred countries, including ex-Soviet Union states. It is planned to open about 40 offices abroad “in order to identify international links of organized criminal groups”.