Called Brilliant Jump 2016, the drill will practice deployment of NATO Response Force, Polish Radio reports.

The exercise will be held at a training site in the western Polish province of Lubuskie. Some 1,500 troops from Spain, Great Britain and Albania, including 400 pieces of equipment, as well as military equipment and senior military personnel from Spain’s Valencia, are expected to take part in the exercise.

The main goal of the exercise is to practice deployment of the NATO Response Force.

The drills will be led by the Allied Joint Force Command headquartered in the Dutch town of Brunssum.

“Brilliant Jump is designed to demonstrate NATO's ability to quickly deploy troops and military equipment in areas of potential threat,” reports Polish Radio.

Headquartered in the Polish city of Stettin, the North-East Multinational Corps will also host troops and equipment for the exercises.

Brilliant Jump is part of a series of military exercises, such as Anaconda-16, involving more than 30 thousand servicemen, scheduled to be held prior to the July NATO summit in Warsaw.