At the beginning of the school year, NATO military for the International Center for Peacemaking and Safety, located in Lviv region, will visit schools in Yavoriv district, reported an officer for public relations of the US Armed Forces Scott Kuhn.

- My main goal - to tell the American public how the American military live in Ukraine and what they do. In addition, one of the tasks is to communicate with the local society. Therefore, we will attend schools not far away from place where our base is located, said Kuhn.

Head of the Western Regional Media Center of the Ukraine’s Armed Forces Aleksander Poronyuk said that NATO's mission in Ukraine is important, first of all, from a psychological point of view.

- When soldiers come to the peacekeeping and security center, they get a bit shocked. Coming back from the ATO with its constant noise, gunshots, explosions and mess they find themselves in a place where everything is quiet, peaceful and calm. In addition, there is a clear schedule, lessons like at school, where they are taught not only to fight and defend, but also to save own lives and the lives of the comrades, as well as to complete the tasks with minimal losses, said Poronyuk.

Eskender Ganiev

Photo: Internet