Today, up to a thousand people took part in Russian nationalist march in the Lublin district of Moscow, reports BBC. People chanted "Glory to Russia", "Russian is Europe," "Glory to the heroes" and "Future belongs to us."

At the same time, Moscow police said that not more than 500 people participated in the march. Earlier, the organizers stated a figure of five thousand marchers. A rally was planned to be held after the march, but most of the participants went without waiting for it to begin.

Traditional "Russian march" is held annually in large Russian cities on November 4. This year, the authorities of the cities of St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Kaliningrad were not willing to approve the rally. The organizers of the rally in the cities of Omsk and Perm also refused to hold it and have not submitted an application for approval.

One of the march organizers, Dmitry Demushkin, was arrested Nov 3 as the leader of the "Russians"  recently banned movement since the court found it extremist.