BAĞÇASARAY/BAKHCHISARAI (QHA) - Event timed to the 25th Anniversary of the self-immolation act of the Crimean Tatar national hero Musa Mahmut was conducted yesterday in Bağçasaray. QHA is informed about this by the leader of the Bağçasaray’s branch of the Crimean Tatar women league Ms. Zodiye Sali.
According to her, the commemoration meeting took place at the Osman Aqçoqraqlı’s Crimean Tatar library. Pupils of the 5th secondary school with the Crimean Tatar teaching were attended this event.
İt would be noted that the public prayers to commemorate Musa Mahmut will be conducted at the call of the Muftiyat of Crimea in several Crimean towns next week.