(QHA) -

Crimean mufti Emirali Ablaev has met with Refat Derdarov—newly-elected head of Bakhchisaray Rayon Administration in Muftiyat central office in Simferopol. The sides have discussed issues related to Muslims of Bakhchisaray.

Crimean Mufti urged the head of Bakhchisaray Rayon Administration to help in reconstruction and improvement of Bakhchisaray mosques, press service of Muftiyat reports.

The matter concerns restoring of “Khan-Chair” mosque in Khan-chair district—an area of compact residing of Crimean Tatars, pulling down concrete bearer at the entrance of historic “Takhtaly Cami” mosque in the old city of Bakhchisaray and restoration of the roof of Buyuk Khan-Cami mosque, which is a part of Khan’s Palace museum.

Refat Derdarov, in turn, said he would assist in settling the issue.